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The emergence of this technological era has contributed immensely to cancer cell research, which has brought the hope that someday, most of these terminal cancers will be treatable and others will be managed effectively. Cancer is the result of the uninhibited growth and division of body cells and is triggered by the mutual alliance of mutations in the DNA, which in turn, stimulate the genes that promote cell division. These genes are also capable of suppressing normal anti-cancer mechanisms. No one knows why this takes place. Several hundreds of thousands of individuals are diagnosed with one form of cancer or another every year, in the United States of America as well as in the United Kingdom.

Cancer cell research has begun to reveal the reasons why some cancer treatments are not effective. One of the reasons is the discovery of the different types of cancer cells which are present in a cancerous tumor. The cancer treatments administered to a cancer patient only get to successfully kill a few of these cells, while the other cells live on and continue to multiply until they kill the patient.

Basic cancer cell research takes place in the laboratory, and through various experiments, researchers look at and also try to understand the behaviors of cancer cells. Cancer cells are taken from patients who have cancer and studied by either injecting the cells in rodents to see how it mutates or in test tubes. It is of vital importance to understand how cancer cells can suddenly become cancerous. This will help the researchers to be able to come up with preventive measures that will hinder abnormal cell multiplication or division, or curative treatment that will effectively kill off and stop further growth of cancer cells.

Below are some of the information that researchers try to find regarding cancer cells:

• Researchers try to figure out the mechanism that controls the division of cells and cell death.

• They also try to discover the reasons why normal cells can suddenly become cancerous and then try to see if this process can be hindered in any way.

• Researchers also seek to figure out the reason behind metastases, and how it can be stopped.

• They try to identify certain features of cancer cells that will enable them to devise the appropriate treatment options that will not only kill off the cancer cells but will also have minimal side effects.

Clinical cancer cell research is ongoing in select areas and research centers across the nation, where cancer treatments, having been tested in the laboratories and on animals, are also put to the test on people with cancer. This is a vital process by which researchers get to learn how to enhance the treatment and management of cancer patients.

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