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15 Interesting Information About DNA | Really?

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1- Our DNA with chimp DNA 98% common genes contains!
2, On the other hand, with a banana and 60% common genes you are sharing!
3- If I could type 60 words per minute for 8 hours per day if we finish in the DNA sequence of the gene, it'd take about 50 years.
4- If all the cells in our body, the DNA Helix until they reach Pluto in 10 increasingly open to the world was a million miles away, we could go back again!
5- Our DNA 8%, in the old days is a virus that tries to infect us.
6- The gene sequence with the people around us, we are 99.9% the same.
The remaining 0.1% in the section of the gene sequence, is sufficient for to be separated from other people.
7- The Neanderthals, according to a comprehensive gene map, African origin of modern humans, Homo sapiens, except, 1% and 4% Neanderthal genes.
8- The DNA in a cell, a thousand times a day will be damaged; however, there is a complex system that is continuously activated for DNA repair in cells.
This prevents change our genes.
9- Approximately 2 grams of DNA, the structure of the information gathered on all computers on earth.
10- If you a bone marrow transplant was done, because it resides in the DNA of your donor, you can be arrested when mistakenly committed any crime.
11- DNA sequence from the environment is affected if the format of the gene functioning may be affected by environmental conditions.
12- the human penis, which is barbed, for the loss of the gene in the DNA lost this feature.
13- According to a survey of DNA music skills, instrument practice doing more than impacting took.
14- You like your DNA the same as lazy! Your DNA in 90% of the genes, doesn't do any work during the day!
15- Smoking during pregnancy is causing a weakening in the baby's DNA. And this continues throughout the life of the newborn individual immortality.

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