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Reasonable Suspicion Training | Training For Supervisors In Reasonable Suspicion

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Reasonable Suspicion Training is critical for safety reasons and DOT compliance standards mandate it, specifying that your supervisors and upper management need to know how to spot someone they supervise in covered positions who is under the influence. Unfortunately figuring out the best way to teach your supervisors how to handle employees who are under the influence is not always the easiest thing to do. Here are great tips for making it easier using this reasonable suspicion training program. You can download a set free tip sheets by phoning 1-800-626-4327. Talk to Dan. There are programs such as signs and symptoms checklist that can help, but using them requires education so supervisors are led to see manipulative employees and not into believing the myths and misconceptions common with these employees. training goes beyond the normal and expected when educating supervisors. Supervisors actually leave training diagnosing themselves. Information about substance abuse should be education and myth dispelling. When myths are dispelled, the truth appears. And in fact, one of ten employees who drinks is or will become an alcoholic. Their reality is how Training makes a different. This training is a workforce management training resource program that will teach you everything needed to know about starting a DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training program.
The DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training is meant to teach your supervisors how to handle when an employee refuses to be tested, when they receive information that someone heard someone else say, when an employee discovers a suspicious substance on the work site or when an employee leaves the job site without notice. Keep in mind DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training is not just about teaching your supervisors how to handle a situation involving an employee being under the influence. It is meant to teach why substance abuse is bad and the problems it could cause an individual to have functioning in the work place. The program is not just meant to punish your employees and tell them no. It is meant to educate them and better their life for the future.

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