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Be A Part Of True Neigong And Inner Kung Fu Experience With “inner Thunder Tradition”!

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Inner thunder tradition is a special portal for Neigong and inner kung fu followers and practitioners. Every person has a passion to follow and pursue, but only some are able to do justice to their inner happiness. At this online platform, a person who has a passion for Neigong and inner kung fu, he or she has the opportunity to buy this special training and be a part of this social networking site. This gives the followers an opportunity to get in touch with the masters as well as the students who are pursuing this form of art. Some are true masters here while others are just newbie on the block, learning and training for this amazing art form. Here, one needs to register and become a member first, in order to enjoy the benefits and knowledge of Nei Gong. This art form is also spelled as Neikung or Neigung.

What is Nei Gong and inner Kung fu?

Every art needs dedication and some level of passion to pursue. Here, at “inner thunder tradition” one gets a wonderful opportunity to meet likeminded people who want to grow and develop this art form. The main advantage of connecting through this global platform is that people learn from each and other and share their experiences and knowledge. This is basically a spiritual practice discipline pertaining to the Chinese martial arts. Neigung practice along with internal kung fu practice is also referred to as soft style or internal form of martial art which is practiced along with the external martial arts practice. This simply means that a person who practices external Nei Gong gets his breath in sync with his actions, which are also referred to as internal Nei Gong. Control over the breath is the key to bringing a harmonious level in internal as well as external energy. Here, at “inner thunder tradition” a student can learn this art of breath modulation and control which brings about an inner stillness which reflects in the external actions of the learner.

What are the benefits of inner Nei Gong?

A student who practices inner Kung fu develops internal power within himself, which gives him the edge in his martial arts performance. This practice and knowledge is instrumental in bringing better coordination in his movements, better coordination and greater power in his moves. These aspects are the basis of high standards of martial arts performance. Better training and more hours of practice of breathing exercises along with external Nei Gong marks the difference between a good performer and an average one. The basic involved here are simply that the controlled breathing brings a certain level of relaxation in the body which brings better and freer movements. These are the essentials of expert martial arts delivery. All this is possible now though this social networking site which has brought masters and students of Neigong under the same roof!

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