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Most Common Interview Questions Expected To Be Asked In Any Interview

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Interview is a dual process as it requires answering logically and analytically. Managers across the domains are looking for the candidates who have strong analytical skills, decision making skills and leadership qualities. Human resource managers analyze that whether you are best fit for the posted jobs or not?

Here are some job interview questions that decide your career. Start your interview preparation with below questions.

1. What will give you a sense of fulfillment in your professional life?

2. Could you talk about some events that influenced you to become what you are today?

3. Describe yourself using five adjectives?

4. Why did you left your last job? Is there any particular reason for job switching?

5. Tell me about an issue on which you disagreed with your boss?

6. What do your colleagues think that you should stop doing?

7. Which are the other companies you are interviewing with and for what positions?

8. What are the three reasons we should not hire you?

9. How would you like your manager to work with you, or would you prefer to work alone and why?

10. Could you talk about some events that influenced you to become what you are today?

11. What would be your plan of action and strategic vision if you were to take the role?

12. Can you tell us about some innovation, however small, you brought in to your work and that ultimately started helping your team?

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