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Power Plus USA, A Smart And Versatile B2B Services Provider

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Tailor-Made Telemarketing Solutions

With an ever- growing economy, the United States has been expanding every segment´s business reach each year, making it a challenge for every Marketing Agency, Department or Service Provider to effectively reach every potential customer while maintaining old ones happy. This is not achieved thru random, improvised or cheap practices. It´s a job for the consumer-aware and experienced group of professionals lead by time-proven, effective and adaptable policies.

Started seven years ago, Power Plus USA has since been dedicated to deliver Business to Business Marketing and Telemarketing to its constant expanding clientele. What sets them apart from competitors is the ability to effectively customize their marketing plans for each client´s industry and requirements, no matter how small or big they are. Every client is treated with the same amount of attention and importance by the team of experts, who study each case from top to bottom, finding the right B2B solution for it.

The purpose of establishing a cutting edge Telemarketing Call Center has been the spearhead of the company, with two fundamental pillars sustaining its structure. On one hand, Power Plus USA brings forth strong skills on Cold Calling, Lead Generation and Vanguard Telemarketing Strategies that have been developed by an experienced team with exceptional organizing and communicational skills. On the other hand, the company´s goal towards its employees is to motivate them thru rewards and prizes according to their increased sales and job attendance, as well as their own professional development.

By advocating friendly and fun competition between employees, and monitoring it thru a meticulously created tracking system, the Company has achieved high standards of service from each team member. This translates in a better quality of service for each client; helping them grow sales and improving their B2B Marketing Strategies for a sustained company overall growth.

Choosing the right staff and selecting the adequate team members for each task is the most important aspect to be considered by Power Plus USA, a company that dedicates itself to improve each of their members thru a constant superior training every week, achieved thanks to its personalized State of the Art capacitating program. This ensures the company to run smoothly while maintaining a desirable atmosphere, quite diverse and fun without losing its corporative identity.

Most companies seeking Telemarketing and Call Center services are not happy with their current utility company´s Standard Operating Procedure. Thankfully, they can decide to spend their energy cost elsewhere. Power plus USA believes in Energy Deregulation, and so it’s determined in becoming

more and more knowledgeable about it. Consumers are now more aware

about climate change, and so are most companies today. That is why they choose cleaner energy sources and join a Green Energy Savings Company they trust and have a positive reference from. It is the educated option every aware consumer chooses.

If you or your company are interested in Power Plus USA´s services, you can visit their website at They are located in 4701 W Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, FL. 33614.

Interested in joining the company? Contact them directly via email: or by Telephone: +1 (813) 418 5266 | Fax: 845 694 5738

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