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Irregular Silica Gel Best Adsorbents For Dehumidification Application Comments Feed

35107    01/11/2018    Medical Supplies    57  / 

Humidity or moisture can easily damage any product. From electronics to food items, if they not stored with dehumidifier they can be ruined easily while the moisture level increases during storage or in transit. Thus it is inevitable to ignore the im... [+]

Dr. Roost Of Delta Chiropractic Center Of Lansing Celebrates His One Millionth Adjustment

34767    04/22/2017    Medical Supplies    87  / 

1888 Press Release - During his 36 year career, Dr. Roost has given over one million spinal adjustments. On April 21, he and his office celebrated this event. Lansing-East Lansing, MI - On April 21 of 2017, Dr. Roost, founder of Delta Chiropractic... [+]


34636    03/15/2017    Medical Supplies    103  / 

The emergence of this technological era has contributed immensely to cancer cell research, which has brought the hope that someday, most of these terminal cancers will be treatable and others will be managed effectively. Cancer is the result of the u... [+]

Essential Tremor Education Center Kicks Off National Campaign

34553    02/24/2017    Medical Supplies    89  / 

1888 PressRelease - Expert educators are available to help patients and caregivers discover potential treatment options.of your press release. Orlando, FL - For those with essential tremor, searching the web for information about the appropriate t... [+]

Cancer Research

34300    12/15/2016    Medical Supplies    114  / 

Every day, cancer research is carried out to discover more about cancerous cells and how they can be effectively treated, thus prolonging the lives of people suffering from the ailment. The number of people diagnosed with one form of cancer or anothe... [+]

InterTrade Industries To Showcase Thermoforming Expertise At BIOMEDevice 2016

34258    12/06/2016    Medical Supplies    96  / 

188PressRelease - InterTrade Industries, a full service custom thermoformer, will highlight medical packaging and enclosures at BIOMEDevice 2016. SAN JOSE, Calif. - The world class thermoformer InterTrade Industries serves the medical device indus... [+]


34097    10/28/2016    Medical Supplies    104  / 

Cancer cells have this unique ability to break away from their origin (i.e. the primary site) and travel to other areas of the human body. This is possible through the lymph system (which supports the immune system and comprises of vessels that trans... [+]

Family Health Care Sorted With Omron Blood Pressure And Other Home Monitoring Products

32784    09/01/2015    Medical Supplies    171  / 

More than half of your life revolves around arranging and managing assets and finance for health care. Certain treatment and prevention measures should be available at home for two reasons. Firstly, some issues can be treated without external assista... [+]

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