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Buy Services And Accessories From The Best Kite Surf Shop Barcelona

33273    02/22/2016    Clubs And Training    100  / 

The Kitesurf shop Barcelona not only offers services to its esteemed customers but also products, accessories that are required for the water sport. The customer can seek for kite surfing lessons by availing the services. There are different types of... [+]

Are You Planning To Experience The Thrill With Friends Or Alone?

33172    02/01/2016    Clubs And Training    125  / 

Want to try something more extreme and adrenaline experiences! Tandem Base is a perfect place for extreme amusement and recreation. Our flying club has the entire necessary infrastructure to do skydiving or learn to BASE jump. At Tandem Base Jump, yo... [+]

Your Ultimate Destination For Everything Related To Kite Surfing- Mojokite

32727    08/10/2015    Clubs And Training    146  / 

Kite surfing is one of the very popular water surface sports to be played across the world particularly in the spots of tourist interest near the beach. It is a very extreme sport that combines surfing and gymnastics and hence requires extensive tr... [+]

The Swimming Place, Your Choice Of Swimming Lessons

32677    07/06/2015    Clubs And Training    165  / 

At The Swimming Place, we offer swimming classes and lessons for all ages and levels at various swimming complexes in Singapore. Learning swimming will be easy and fun at The swimming Place, we are a group of swimming instructors who are committe... [+]

Trained For Any Situation, No Matter How And With What Weapon Is Attacked

32419    04/20/2015    Clubs And Training    150  / 

Through martial arts training, not only will you learn the basics of self defense, but you will also find that you have more confidence in all aspects of his life, and self-discipline you ever had earlier also. An added bonus is the physical form tha... [+]

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