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How To Choose The Best Base Jumping Company?

35832    01/21/2019    Others    5  / 

If you love base jumping then you have used the service of a professional company. You could have got the best or worst experience depending on the services you got. If you want to have a good experience then you should choose a good base jumping com... [+]

Corey Culver Takes 2018 Amateur Long Drive™ Open World Championship Presented By Whisky ...

35563    08/23/2018    Others    25  / 

1888PressRelease - After three days of competition Corey Culver advanced out of the Military / Veteran division to take the overall win in the 2018 Amateur Long Drive™ World Championship presented by Dale Jr's Whisky River and Chase 54. Charlott... [+]

Tough As Nails Awnings - Break Record Sales

35100    01/08/2018    Others    67  / 

1888 Press Release - Designed as a weatherproof fold out shelter that is fully modular and neatly mounted to the side of your vehicle. The range of Adventure Kings Awnings and Awning accessories blitzed the Australian 4WD and camping market, givin... [+]

Diamond Seal Systems Helmet Glide Division Announces Today

34648    03/18/2017    Others    78  / 

1888PressRelease - A BREAKTHROUGH in sanitization for athletes with NANO-SPEAR Technology. Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA - DSS PUB 1996 3/16/17 Diamond Seal Systems announces today... that its Helmet Glide division has completed applications of ... [+]

Kite Surf Con Mojokite En Barcelona

34238    11/30/2016    Others    104  / 

Si usted realmente desea aprender kitesurf, bienvenido a la Mojokite, es una escuela de kitesurf líder internacional con sede en Barcelona. Mojokite le da la bienvenida a unirse a nosotros para clases, alquiler o Roadtrips kitesurf en las temporadas... [+]

Our Company Is Looking For A Tipster Football Game

34109    10/31/2016    Others    105  / 

Our organization is searching for a Tipster football game, each the best Tipster best will turn into our accomplice and qualified for the prize that has been given .. visit and please participate in Tictacmoney Comp... [+]

Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 2016 Betting Odds

33386    04/01/2016    Others    123  / 

Will Barcelona remain unbeaten in the match with Real Madrid? Visit JohnnyBet™✓ and check what our bets. Additionally, you will learn where to bet in order to receive highest bonus. Just choose you  favourite team. We can help you win big money!... [+]

Vargo Golf Holds Fundraiser For Injured EMT Workers At Rouge Park Golf Course On October 2...

32909    10/23/2015    Others    132  / 

(1888 PressRelease) Vargo Golf Company will donate 100% of proceeds to the injured EMT workers to help them pay for the medical treatments. Contact Rouge Park Golf Course directly to enter your foursome in the golf fundraiser. The price per foursome ... [+]

Defensive Carbine For AR Platforms Class Available At NRA Range In Fairfax, Va., Sunday, J...

32689    07/11/2015    Others    141  / 

1888 PressRelease - AR gun owners have the opportunity to hone their skills during a course taught by Green Ops at the NRA Range in Fairfax, Va., on Sunday, July 12, 2015, from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Developed to help people improve their carbine-handl... [+]

Skydiving Is One Of The Most Colorful Activities Including Adventure

32446    04/25/2015    Others    139  / 

Skydiving Southern California is about for especially those containing a degree of high adventure. And it's not a fad but a growing aspiration trend. But this, besides being a sociological indicator, also represents a new and different opportunity ve... [+]

Exciting, Spectacular, Capable Of Making You Feel Happy And Many Other Things!

32347    04/10/2015    Others    164  / 

If you like excitement, Skydive Elsinore brings your new challenge: a parachute jump from 4,000 meters. You will live about 50 seconds of freefall, followed by between 6 and 10 minutes across the sky with open views to enjoy the parachute. And do not... [+]

Uncomfortable Fishing And Spectacular Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

32227    03/24/2015    Others    142  / 

For lovers of fishing with light tackle vogue is one of the most emblematic species of summer. A fish that has it all: an interesting size, powerful struggle, relentless, hard pique and fishing permitted with really light equipment (which enhances al... [+]

Kitesurfing In Barcelona - The Most Authentic And Passionate Water Sports

32042    02/25/2015    Others    160  / 

Mojokite is the school of Kite Surfing (Kiteboarding) where the kite fast, safe, fun and affordable way learns. We can offer a variety of courses kitesurf. Courses can be in small groups, semi-private or private. Our Mojokite certified instructors an... [+]

The Fishing Kayaks Are Designed Specifically For Kayak Fishing

31954    02/17/2015    Others    166  / 

Kayak angling is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people combine kayak fishing. The Fishing Kayaks are designed specifically for this sport use. They are usually very stable and equipped with accessories that facilitate the fisherman fish... [+]

Martial Art Training For Fitness And Weight Loss

31814    01/27/2015    Others    189  / 

If your objective is to enhance your fitness or lose the extra pound you have, but you require to do something more exhilarating than running on a treadmill to keep you encouraged, possibly you must consider performing a martial art such as kickboxin... [+]

Is Your Child Prepared To Become A Karate Kid?

31788    01/21/2015    Others    125  / 

Beginner level Karate Kids look to be getting younger and younger these days. What’s the appropriate age to commence the martial arts? Is your child prepared to become a karate kid? As karate has turned out to be more admired over the years, yo... [+]

D-Dojo Karate Class Presents A Perfect Way Of Learning Different Martial Arts

31708    01/06/2015    Others    154  / 

Chances are you are interested in karate for several reasons – self-defense, self-improvement, physical fitness, or as a means to chill out after work. Selecting a karate school is an extremely essential step. You require to be certain you find the... [+]

Mastering The Basics Of Martial Arts

31666    12/29/2014    Others    185  / 

Everyone who has seen Jackie Chan and Jean Claude Van Damme in action has envisaged himself as a martial arts expert protecting his girl friend from a dominant tormenter. However, martial arts are not just a fancy means of protecting oneself, they ar... [+]

Find Extreme Physical And Mental Fitness With Karate Training

31629    12/22/2014    Others    159  / 

Karate is known as one of the most preferred forms of martial arts worldwide. This particular form of martial art helps develop foremost physical properties of the human body – flexibility, strength and endurance. Learning karate needs a person to ... [+]

What Are The Benefits Of Karate Classes For Kids?

31557    12/09/2014    Others    151  / 

Do your kids have trouble paying attention in school, or getting along with other kids? Are they hyperactive? Do they not behave as well as you’d like them to, or lack confidence? Could they stand to get a little more exercise? When it comes to... [+]

Training For The Adventurous Sport Of Sky Diving

31529    12/02/2014    Others    165  / 

Sky diving is one of the most famous things in the field of adventure sport. Every adventure lover wants to experience the excitement of sky dive at least once in their lifetime. If you also want to experience the thrill of sky diving then we are the... [+]

A Guide To The History Of Karate

31514    11/27/2014    Others    190  / 

Karate is a martial art executed for the most part in an upright stance. It originated on the Japanese island of Okinawa, part of the Ryukyu Islands chain, as a mixture of local Okinawan and Chinese fighting styles. History of Karate: Early o... [+]

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