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Private Yoga Lessons

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The Village Vitality is a premier Yoga & Fitness Studio in Decatur. Drop in our fitness classes & prenatal yoga sessions to strengthen your mind and body.Drop in our prenatal & postnatal yoga classes in Decatur. Our Pre-natal & Post-natal Yoga Classes prepares you for a positive childbirth experience

At Village Vitality, our goal is to be transparent and fair about our yoga prices and the value that each class brings. Because of our intimate and personalized yoga experience, the value you receive from class experience exceeds the expense. We have a variety of class package options for those who travel for work and can just come on the weekend to those who live nearby in Decatur and come regularly.

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The Village Vitality
409 Mead Rd #2
Decatur, GA 3003





Village Vitality

The Village Vitality
409 Mead Rd #2
Decatur, GA

Decatur, Georgia - 3003, United States


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