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CLOUD COMPUTING – A Brief Overview

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In the Recent Days, Term “Cloud” has become a real buzzword. So, what does it mean, what it does, where is it?
In General, Cloud Computing means delivery of hosted services over the internet. It means storing & accessing the programs & data anywhere, anytime over the internet without any interference of hard drive.
Using cloud computing, users can access software and applications from wherever they need, while it is being hosted by an outside party.
Cloud computing came into existence in early 1960s, when the computer industry recognized the potential benefits of delivering computing as a service or a utility, but it lacked the connectivity and bandwidth needed for implementation of cloud computing. Hence, in the late 1990s Cloud computing as a service became practical.
There are 3 types of Cloud Computing Deployment models:

1. Public
2. Private
3. Hybrid

There are 3 types of Cloud Computing Services:
1. Infrastructure as Service – IaaS
2. Platform as Service – PaaS
3. Software as Service – SaaS
Benefits of Cloud Computing:
Flexible & Adjustable: It allows for changable programs and applications, that are customizable, while allowing the owners control over the core code.
Software Multitenancy: Cloud Computing software provides an opportunity to provide personalized applications and portals to several customers or tenants.
Scalability: Cloud computing applications makes it essential that software functions across every device and integrates with other applications.
Reliability: Since it is hosted by a third party, businesses and other users have greater assurance of reliability, and when there are problems, easy access to customer support. When the problems arise, it is easy to access customer support.
Secure: Security remains a primary concern for businesses contemplating cloud adoption. Cloud computing guarantees a completely secure environment with the help of increased resources for security and centralization of data.

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