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Spirit Secret

16830    02/19/2017    Spiritual Healing    387  / 

We are a community from all sector of the society & we feel that we have to return something to the society where we live. We are here to share the experience and the well know ideas with very simple words to understand ... [+]

Myamo Formazione

14764    11/27/2016    Spiritual Healing    120  / 

festival olistico, operatore olistico, counselor olistico, ayurveda, massaggio, siaf italia, legge 4 2013, reiki, gestalt, alimentazione... [+]

Life Alignment Healing

14416    11/17/2016    Spiritual Healing    131  / 

By bringing the mind, emotions, body and soul into alignment, this technique can be used to balance and heal the chakras and subtle bodies, as well as the client's experience of life. When blockages and negative patterns... [+]

Dr. Prem Gupta - Jyotish Shastra, Vastu Shastra Consultants, Indian Palmistry & Astrology

11265    05/30/2016    Spiritual Healing    121  / 

dr prem gupta, jyotish shastra, vastu shastra, vastu shastra consultants, vastu consultancy, astrologist, indian astrology, indian astrology, palmist, indian astrologers, kundli, future predictions... [+]

Johanna's Gifts & New Age

10377    03/31/2016    Spiritual Healing    167  / 

We are a New Age and Gift store. Find all your crystals, silver pendants, healing wands incense, chakra stones, salt lamps, and many other new age products . A large range of unique gifts for friends are also on ... [+]

10169    03/15/2016    Spiritual Healing    156  / 

All about buddhist meditation. In Buddhist Abhidhamma the mind is seen as consisting of consciousness which knows an object and concomitant mental factors which arise together with consciousness. ... [+]

My Path Reading - Spiritual Community Online

10126    03/13/2016    Spiritual Healing    151  / 

If you want to meet fellow spiritual fans, psychics, tarot, astrology, and other people around the world that enjoy the spirit world then check out mypathreading.... [+]

International Qualified Miracle Spiritual Healer

5423    11/01/2014    Spiritual Healing    255  / 

return lost love in 24hrs spells, remote control over lovers, love binding spells, court cases, infertility, promotion & better pay, instant money spells, get ride of evil spirits, witchcraft, bad luck & curses, protecti... [+]


4714    08/13/2014    Spiritual Healing    289  / 

rudraksha, gems, alternative healing, hypnotism, kundalini, sadhana shivir.... [+]

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