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Karate For Family In Rochdale

18474    06/13/2017    Clubs And Training    70  / 

We offer an amazing LIFESKILL & Character Development Programme which ensures every student mentally & physically develops. We guarantee you will be very impressed after your FREE class.Visit our professional Academy & f... [+]

Union Team BJJ

17573    04/02/2017    Clubs And Training    150  / 

Led by 8th degree BJJ Master Ricardo Murgel, Union Team BJJ is the Premier Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Headquarters for kids, teens, and adults seeking to learn REAL Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self defense techniques in Alpharetta,... [+]

Jaime Peters Boxing

17478    03/25/2017    Clubs And Training    92  / 

Sport is an art or we can say it's an activity that is governed by a certain kind of rules or terms that could be engaged competitively. Common sport refers to the activities in that physical capabilities of the particul... [+]

Some Football Facts

16260    01/26/2017    Clubs And Training    125  / 

News, words, rumors, music, colors, stories, faces, t-shirt... All about soccer facts... and much more..!... [+]

Shotokan Fitness Karate School

16154    01/21/2017    Clubs And Training    126  / 

Karate for kids classes run at Porchester Centre and Westminster Academy Sport London. Join us! Ylli sensei ... [+]

Golf Tips For Beginners

16051    01/17/2017    Clubs And Training    114  / 

Golf Tips For Beginners to help you improve your golf game immediately. Learn the rules of golf, golf etiquette and learn how to play the game like a pro.... [+] - Learn How To Kite On Holidays

12677    09/03/2016    Clubs And Training    105  / 

We are a kitesurf sport club situed in Italy, in the island of Sardinia and we provide coures of kitesurf for all the levels. Sardinia is a nice place where to learn how to do kitesurf because of his wind - perfect posi... [+]

Midland Firearms Training

12537    08/26/2016    Clubs And Training    133  / 

Midland Firearms Training LLC conducts a wide variety of firearm training for both businesses and individuals. Midland Firearms provides classes for Illnois Conceal Carry Training. John Roth is an NRA certified instructo... [+]


12260    08/10/2016    Clubs And Training    171  / 

Golfnext Golf academy was founded by bringing some of the top teaching professionals together to promote Golf at the grass roots levels in India. Golfnext is the only private golf training center in Western India & one... [+]

Join HIT TENNIS Academy

11492    06/14/2016    Clubs And Training    141  / 

The goal at HIT Academy is to bring each student the knowledge and skills that only the leading tennis players in the world possess. Our trainers make this possible with their many years of analytical and practical... [+]

Boxing | Martial Arts

10422    04/03/2016    Clubs And Training    150  / 

Free online information about Boxing Training, HBO Boxing schedules, Pay per view boxing, boxing clubs, boxing workouts, boxing news information from Pakistan and all around the world.... [+]


10146    03/14/2016    Clubs And Training    181  / 

Ready to start competing in competitive recreational leagues? SportX is your go-to site to find teammates, sign up for a variety of sports-leagues, and get competing. Founded by Boris Stratievsky, SportX was started to b... [+]

Sevilla Vs Manchester City 2015 Betting Tips

8412    10/27/2015    Clubs And Training    156  / 

Get to know all the special betting options at™✓ right now! You can choose what bet suits the best your needs and how much money you want to bet. Your win depends only on you! Register at bet365 with ou... [+]

Chelsea Vs Dynamo Kiev 2015 Betting Tips

8399    10/26/2015    Clubs And Training    163  / 

Looking for a chance to get some money✓? Visit™✓ to try something new this time.™ has prepared something for you. Special chelsea london vs dynamo kiev 2015 betting tips and experts' p... [+]

The Swimming Place, Your Choice Of Swimming Lessons

7336    07/06/2015    Clubs And Training    192  / 

At The Swimming Place, we offer swimming classes and lessons for all ages and levels at various swimming complexes in Singapore.... [+]

Scuba Diving In India,scuba Diving In Andhrapradesh

5493    11/12/2014    Clubs And Training    240  / 

scuba diving in india,scuba diving in Andhrapradesh and telangana,scuba diving,PADI COURSES in visakhapatnam and hyderabad,para sail in visakhapatnam ..... [+]

Gambling Advertising Network

3980    05/02/2014    Clubs And Training    351  / 

We provide our advertisers and publishers the perfect Gambling Advertise Network, whether you are an advertiser or publisher, we have the right solution for you. ... [+] The Golf Directory

2389    04/14/2013    Clubs And Training    336  / 

Golf directory for all kinds of golf related websites such as golf courses, golf and country clubs, golf onlineshops or golf hotels. ... [+]

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